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I want to display the count of files when the Details view is active. I've tried looking through the list of details that I can add, but have had no luck.

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There's no such feature. – David Heffernan Sep 4 '12 at 21:52
The file number count used be in the default view of File Manager in Windows 3.1, and I believe Windows 95 as well. When Explorer replaced File Manager this useful feature disappeared. – Neil Apr 7 at 18:04

Open Windows explorer, go to > Organize > Layout > tick Details Pane

Now you will see at the bottom of the window the number of items when you have selected a folder, and additional properties when you select a file like a jpg file.

Items includes everything in the folder including other folders. If you select some of the files in a folder it will give you that selection count.

. enter image description here

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Yup. This and <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> <kbd>A</kbd>. – surfasb Sep 6 '12 at 3:05

I think what we're looking for is a display of a folder's properties in the details pane when you click on it, as opposed to when you actually open the folder. And that doesn't seem to exist. There used to be add-ons that would show the folder size in a column...

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If you want to see the number of files or the size of all the items in all folders as a column then I would recommend the program xplorer2. It's a Windows explorer replacement which has a lot of extra features. When you're in a folder you can press CTRL-D and it will go through and calculate the sizes of the contents of each folder and you can sort the files and folders together by size. Also you can turn on the column called Contents and it will show the number of files inside each folder.

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How/where to get this program? Is this program free? – VL-80 May 16 at 0:36

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