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I want to display the count of files when the Details view is active. I've tried looking through the list of details that I can add, but have had no luck.

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There's no such feature. – David Heffernan Sep 4 '12 at 21:52

The file number count used be in the default view of File Manager in Windows 3.1, and I believe Windows 95 as well. When Explorer replaced File Manager this useful feature disappeared.

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I think what we're looking for is a display of a folder's properties in the details pane when you click on it, as opposed to when you actually open the folder. And that doesn't seem to exist. There used to be add-ons that would show the folder size in a column...

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Open Windows explorer, go to > Organize > Layout > tick Details Pane

Now you will see at the bottom of the window the number of items when you have selected a folder, and additional properties when you select a file like a jpg file.

Items includes everything in the folder including other folders. If you select some of the files in a folder it will give you that selection count.

. enter image description here

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Yup. This and <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> <kbd>A</kbd>. – surfasb Sep 6 '12 at 3:05

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