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I have an IBM ThinkCentre, and I was talking to someone on Skype when it suddenly just shutoff. When I rebooted it asked me to start windows normally or in safe mode, but as soon I choose an option (Any of them) it shuts back down. So I thought it was a problem with windows and tired booting from a Hirens disk, but same thing. I've been using this computer without problems for over a year know. Any idea's for me to try? Unfortunatly I don't have any powersupplies or extra RAM to switch out to try anything like that.

EDIT I left it off for a while and it's booting to windows now. I would still like to know what might have been causing it to do that if you have any ideas.

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I would guess that something's busted. You need someone to look at it who has hardware debugging skills/tools. – Daniel R Hicks Sep 4 '12 at 22:53
desktop? aio? probably overheating is what I am guessing.... check all fans: cpu, case, gfx cards – Logman Sep 5 '12 at 1:16

As stated by Logman, sounds like a temperature issue and the system is shutting itself down as a safeguard to avoid permanent damage.

There is a small program call open hardware monitor that you can DL to watch the CPU temp, fan speed and so on open hardware monitor. It may be a good first place to start your trouble shooting and then fix/replace the offending hardware.

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