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I have a sudden need to have a Windows XP guest machine (VirtualBox) and have both a Reinstallation CD (including SP3) as well as a valid Windows XP key that I purchased years ago and never used.

So I created the VM in VirtualBox and configured its VDI. Normally, with Linux guests, at this point I just go into the VM's Settings >> Storage and point the IDE drive to an ISO that I have stored locally on my host's file system.

In this case, it's a physical CD. I searched the CD high and low and do not see an ISO file anywhere on it (I'm not a Windows guy). Instead, the best I've been able to find is a file called setup.exe, which I assume is the executable that bootstraps the entire installation process. Even if I'm correct, I'm still not sure how to point my Windows XP VM to the setup.exe file on the CD.

So I ask: given this scenario, how do I configure the VM properly so that setup.exe (or whatever else is necessary to install Windows XP on the guest VM) is ran the first time I start it up? Thanks in advance!

Edit: Please note, I'm not interested in pirated ISOs or illegal copies! I believe I already have everything I should need to install the OS, I'm just having trouble "connecting the dots".

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Connect the virtual CD drive of the VM to the physical CD drive of your host. The option should be just below the "Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file..." option. Or use dd to make an ISO image from your CD and connect that to the virtual drive.

dd if=/dev/sr0 of=winxp.iso bs=2048
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