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Is there a light Linux distro (like PuppyLinux, Slitaz etc) but which supports "guest"/"support" software (like VMware Tools, VirtualBox Additions).

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If you take a 'minimal' Debian or CentOS installation you end up with an extremely small footprint system that you can then add things to (like a desktop environment) as you please. Both of them are compatible with the two virtualizers you listed.

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Any distribution that runs with XFCE or LXCE desktop managers will be very much light weighted and you will be able to use virtualbox and vmware with ease. I would suggest the LMDE (Linux Mint Desktop edition) which runs on the new MATE desktop manager which is a fork from classic gnome2. It is pretty light, and i've seen it to be very good. Or else LUBUNTU on lxce and XUBUNTU on xfce should be good for you.

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All of these can install vmware tools and vb additions software? the ones i've tried, including mint failed to compile the "virtual" drivers – Alex Sep 5 '12 at 8:40
According to virtualbox website, virtualbox additions exists for all supported guest operating systems. Linux kernel 2.6.13 and above should perform well. Refer article – paintbox Sep 5 '12 at 12:21

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