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I've had to buy a new printer to replace my wonderful postscript HPLaserjet 4M, because my new mac won't talk to it. I've just realised that the new printer I've ordered is not postscript. (It's a OKI C822n and uses PCL 6 (XL3.0) and PCL5c, SIDM (IBM-PPR, EPSON-FX))

Does that matter now that I can save all my files as print-ready PDFs?

I use my printer to check pages created in InDesign (including placed photoshop and Illustrator files) before sending them to be litho printed. I also use the printer to present to clients and run off short runs of flyers etc.

I am mainly concerned that fonts will look correct as I design a lot of text-heavy documents such as Annual reports and Accounts, magazines, books etc. I don't mind saving as a PDF before printing if necessary to get an accurate result.

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You can use your printer to preview fonts, as long as the fonts are saved as outlines instead of embedding the fonts. This link shows what you need to do in Acrobat 9 Pro. If you use a different PDF writer, you'll need to check the settings there.

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