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I have a problem GPS localizer (TK102), that is probably sending out data over UDP, but my server isn't receiving it (while it does from other clients, using UDP and this IP/port).

I asked on Unix/Linux on how could I try to solve this on server side.

But I would also ask here, if there is any solution for Windows, that I could use on my home computer (after redirecting localizer to that computer's IP instead of servers one) to intercept/trace/check, if it is really sending anything, and if any -- then what?

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The solution is pretty much the same for every operating system. Run a packet sniffer on the server (for Windows there are for instance Windump or Wireshark). Windump example:

C:\> windump -D
1.\Device\NPF_{FD6B99B9-2B36-4222-A1C3-59C52DE63BB1} (Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter)

C:\> windump -i 1 -XX udp
windump: listening on \Device\NPF_{FD6B99B9-2B36-4222-A1C3-59C52DE63BB1}

Then send UDP packets to your server from another host:

hping3 SERVER --udp -p 2342 -c 1 -n


nmap -sU -n -Pn -p 2342 SERVER

and see if the packet sniffer logs those packets.

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Thanks! As I wrote, I also asked similar question on Linux/Unix on how to solve it on server side. But I had to answer myself! :] If solution described there fail, I'll for sure force my localizer to send data to my home computer and use your method of analysing packets. – trejder Sep 6 '12 at 20:56

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