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I use Bitlbee to chat in XMPP-networks within my IRC-client Irssi. This works great so far, and recently I started using XMPP Multi User Chats as an alternative to IRC-channels.

I set up a channel using chat add <account> <> in the &bitlbee control window, set chan <room> set autojoin true and entered /join #room in the &bitlbee window to join that groupchat. It then appears as a unique Irssi window in the status bar. This seems to work ok too, but with one exception:

Since I idle in the channels 24/7 my irssi has to cope with the every-night-24h-DSL-disconnection by the ISP. After it automatically reconnects, it does kind of rejoin that XMPP-groupchat, but the traffic of the groupchat does not go back to the unique irssi window, but keeps flooding &bitlbee with messages from root telling me about a Groupchat Message from unknown JID <jid>: <message> - which is the traffic of the groupchat. The unique groupchat window is gone after the reconnect, and I will again have to go /join #room in &bitlbee to get it back.

Even worse, the window number is unused before I rejoin the groupchat, and if I get a query from any network, the window nests in that unused window spot, so I will first have to remove that query from the spot, and then move the rejoined groupchat to that window number.

I want my groupchat window to resume after the reconnect just like every other IRC channel too. How can I get this done? Any ideas?

/edit: now i set chan <room> set autojoin false but it did not change anything. so could that be a bug in bitlbee, that ignores that autojoin true setting?

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on disconnect it says mcnesium was kicked from #room by root [Chatroom closed by server] in the unique window, which I can see in the history at manual resuming the window. – mcnesium Sep 7 '12 at 6:41

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