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I'm using the vim plugin called powerline and it isn't showing the git branch I'm on, while it's supposed to be activated by default. The fugitive plugin is installed, though I don't think it was required. Is there anything else I'm supposed to do for it to work?

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Try running :PowerlineClearCache. The branch is not activated by default.

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you should have fugitive installed, if you have it already and yet it does not show, and :PowerlineClearCache doesn't help then try removing Powerline_default_default_compatible.cache from powerline plugin folder and restarting vim.

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If you are sure that the let g:Powerline_symbols = 'fancy' option works well (the array symbol and the LN symbol are displayed normally as in the screenshot) then try running :PowerlineClearCache in any vim session then restart your vim. Or you should patch your font first.

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