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A server cannot ping to other servers unless a wireshark is capturing packet. And I believe that a process is capturing packets before ping process. But how to find this process?

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You mean you cannot ping the remote server unless the remote server has a packet capturing software running? In this case my bet would be a firewall that drops ICMP packets on the target. Please be more specific in your question. Log in to SuperUser with your StackExchange account to regain access to the question and edit it accordingly. – Baarn Sep 7 '12 at 11:41
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OK. I solve this problem myself. The truth is that the packet send to my server has a correct IP address but a wrong MAC address. So in case the wiredshark is turned off, the network interface card(NIC) will drop it directly. But if the wiredshark is turned on, it will capture the packet and modified the MAC address to a correct one.

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