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Is it possible to suppress the appearance of the "Update Table of Contents" when I update the table of contents in MS Word (by positioning the cursor on it ad pressing F9)?

(I always want to "Update entire table", so why asking for it?)

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This web site says it's impossible.  This one is more ambitious, and suggests that you define the following VBA function:

Sub UpdateTableOfContents()
    Dim oStory As Range
    Dim toc As TableOfContents
    Dim tof As TableOfFigures
    On Error Resume Next

    For Each oStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
            Set oStory = oStory.NextStoryRange
        Loop Until oStory Is Nothing

    For Each toc In ActiveDocument.TablesOfContents

    For Each tof In ActiveDocument.TablesOfFigures
End Sub

and map it to a toolbar button and/or keyboard shortcut.  Disclaimer: I did not write this code, and I do not vouch for it in any way.

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