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I'm using Cisco Client VPN. When my laptop (Windows 7 Enterprise) sleeps or hibernates I can still connect (or least the client tells me the VPN connection was successful). However, I cannot ping or connect to VPN'd resources. I have tried killing virus protection (McAfee), but that didn't help.

Does anybody have any insight and a solution to this problem?

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Unfortunately, there's no real true "fix" for this problem. It's documented as an issue as Cisco defect ID CSCsf96588. A check of Cisco's release notes (page 5) for VPN client 5.0.06 and .07 both mention it as an issue.

They've issued a software fix to change the way the client re-establishes a secure tunnel, but it's still a problem for platforms.

Cisco's workaround is a recommendation to shut down the VPN client before going into sleep/hibernation mode.

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