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I have Windows 8 64 Bits and a monitor Samsung T260 (Analog) the native resolution is 1920x1200 but when I try this resolution I get a left black bar on the screen and the image is stretched.

How I can solve this issue?

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There is an "auto-adjust" function that you can use with the analog connection. That will fix both the distortion and alignment issues.

From Samsung's website:

T260 Perform An Auto Adjustment If your monitor has graphics or text that are fuzzy, this may be due to an incorrect monitor setting.

To perform an Auto Adjustment

To perform an Auto Adjustment, follow these steps: 1. Power on your monitor, and boot up your computer. 2. Press the [Auto] button on your monitor. 3. The Auto Adjustment indicator appears. When the Auto Adjustment windows disappears, the auto adjusting process is complete.

If after performing each troubleshooting step above, the graphics or text remain fuzzy.

  • Click here to Turn On ClearType. (For Windows XP and Vista Users)
  • Try connecting your monitor to a computer with a different graphics card and see if that end the problem. On rare occasions, fuzzy images are caused by the graphics card.

The Auto Adjustment Button on your monitor is the second button from the bottom along the right-hand side. The Auto Adjustment feature automatically adjusts the fine, coarse, and position on your monitor to the incoming video signal.

picture of monitor buttons

Note: If you have are using the Digital (DVI) connection on your LCD monitor, Auto Adjust will not work when your monitor is set to this mode. Instead, you adjust the image through the Windows Display Properties, or through the Advance Settings provided with your graphics card. For information on accessing the Advance Settings of your graphics card, review the documentation provided by the manufacture of your graphics card or the manufacture of your computer.

share|improve this answer - The manual mentions a position in the menu, on page 37 – SeanC Sep 7 '12 at 19:26
I've pressed that button one thousand times. In lunux i need append a custom resolution with CVT adn Xrandr but in windows i dont have this tools – rkmax Sep 7 '12 at 23:49

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