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I just bought an HP Omni 27 1057c from Sams Club. I like it a lot, but I want more performance. discovered that the integrated Intel HD 2500 graphics is almost useless for most games. I found a website that says it can be upgraded at,2817,2398314,00.asp. The computers specs can be found at Sams Club website or at HP website HP Product Specs.

So what do you think? Can I upgrade Motherboard and Video Card?

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Sort of - from the HP specs, If you can find a MXM card of the same 'type', you should be able to add on a better video adaptor, and it will need to be a MXM 3.0 version: Type A fitting the specs mentioned on the HP product specs with an output of 35W. The cards are standard, but using one of the models that HP has used will be a safer bet.

If you can find one, and it works, upgrading the video adaptor is just that. AIWs are pretty much laptop-grade parts so, I don't see any major advantage to upgrading the motherboard.

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