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I have several (20+) applications running on a Microsoft Windows PC. What I would like is a solution that allows me to broadcast the window of each application in a webpage, in readonly mode (there's no need for the users to interact with it). This should work even if the application is in the background, seeing that there's no way to fit all of them on the screen.

I performed very extensive searching, from simple screencasting apps such as Camtasia, CamStudio or VHScrCap to things like VNC (haven't found any server able to broadcast multiple windows at once, much less background windows) and even application virtualization, but in the end I haven't found anything that fits my needs. Most solutions that allow capturing a window instead of the whole desktop will not let you capture multiple windows but only a single window and on top of that they don't even work when the window is in the background.

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I don't think this is possible on one machine.

You could run virtual machines with screen recording software running on them for each app, but I am not sure that would fit your needs?

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It wouldn't really fit my needs, there are way too many applications. Thanks nonetheless. –  Birt Dec 28 '11 at 0:27

Jing works well, but the files are big. It allows you to capture a portion or entire screen if you wish. You can then link to/post these for viewing. It won't broadcast windows, but allow you to record whatever is on the screen + audio. I used it for doing some 30 second clips for a project and liked it. It's also handy when you want to show someone "what to click" :c)

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