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I installed XBMC on my MacBook and Android mobile phone, turned upnp share on.I added source, but both music library and video library are empty.

Can you tell me how to add files to library?

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Have you scanned them?

List of ways to scan movies into the Video library:

  • Choose automatic scan when you set the content for the source.

  • Select the item in file view and either press I on the keyboard, or bring up the contextual menu (press C) and select "Movie information" or "TV show information"

  • If the file is already scanned in, you can also use the info screen to refresh/update that entry in the library.

  • You can select the share/folder that your videos are in and choose "Scan for new content" from the contextual menu (press C), which scans all files in that share/folder.

  • In Library view you can choose "Update library" from the contextual menu (press C). Have XBMC scan for new items upon start up by going to Settings -> Video -> Library ->

  • Update library on startup

  • Add-on:XBMC Library Auto Update can be used to schedule automatic updates to the library.

  • Add-on:Library watchdog can be used to watch local folders (or locally mounted network shares) for new files to trigger library updates.

share|improve this answer… no "scan item to library" here, I clicked update, but no changes. – iMom0 Sep 8 '12 at 3:27

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