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I am trying to set up a triple boot Windows 8, Mountain Lion, and Ubuntu. I am stuck though. I have got Windows 8 on a partition, and I am trying to get Mountain Lion on there at this point. I installed a VMware with a Snow Leopard 10.6.2 image on the Windows 8 platform. I used the disk utility in this program in order to get Mountain Lion on there.

This is what i did specifically: I got the installesd.dmg. I 'mounted' that file or whatever you call it, and out came something along the lines of "Install Mountain Lion OS x" (something like that -> it was like a submenu under the installesd.dmg in the disk utility). I got my PNY 8 gb Attache Flash Drive and went to the Erase tab of disk utility. I erased it using the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) setting and called it "Mac". I went to the Restore tab, dragged "Mac" into destination, and dragged "Install Mountain Lion OS x" to the source.

Everything seemed to go well, but it didn't. When trying to boot from the flash drive (and yes, I set the BIOS correctly), it skipped it, and loaded Windows 8 normally as if nothing was plugged in. When I try looking at the flash drive in windows 8, it comes up as a 200 mb capacity drive labeled "EFI" with nothing in it (remember, it was 8gb in the beginning). I downloaded Plop Boot Manager, but it did not recognize a USB being plugged in.

Does anyone know how I could fix this?

EDIT: I am using a Sony PC with an i7 processor that came with Windows 7 (i dont know what other information is needed)

Possible sources of problem:
-How I tried setting up the USB
-the fact that I am using a PNY flash drive
-How i am trying to boot the USB

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You're going to have to use specialized software like rEFIt to accomplish this in a stable manner. Their docs are pretty thorough but if you want to see a tutorial on how exactly to use it for tripple boots there's one here. The os versions are a bit different but it's still the same procedure.

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Does rEFIt imply I need to have an Intel based mac? I have updated my question with my specs on my computer (Sony PC with an i7 processor that came with Windows 7) –  Sidd Sep 8 '12 at 13:39

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