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I am using Midnight Commander on Mac OS X (version 4.8.4)

I have two problems and I would be very glad if you can help me:


The binding for file extensions are set for Linux distribution. For example, if I try to open some jpg file:

/usr/local/Cellar/midnight-commander/4.8.4/libexec/mc/ext.d/ line 39: gqview: command not found

Has anyone gotten this binding file to work on Mac OSX? (open pdf file in Preview, etc)


I am used to so called "lynx-like movement" - to be able to enter a directory with only an arrow key (and to leave a directory with an arrow key). But this option is not in my MC (it is working on Ubunut's MC for ages...)

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Start mc, click on Command and then on edit extension file (or F9, c, e). Then, for example, search (F7) for pdf and change

<------->Open=(xpdf %f &)


<------->Open=(open %f &)

How exit and save (F10). Changes are immediately applied.

open Starts Preview by default. Repeat this for all extensions you want te re-bind. As long as you agree with LaunchServices, you can use open. You can also just use any specific application.

Other usefull additions to mc.ext:

# PowerPoint
        Open=(open %f &)

# Word
        Open=(open %f &)

# Excel
        Open=(open %f &)
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