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I want to download album art-work for my iTunes library without creating an iTunes store account.

There's an application called iArtwork that does just what I need but it is not free. Does anyone knows an alternative?

Note: I'm using Windows, so GimmeSomeTune won't work for me.

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Why don't you want to create an iTunes account? They're free. – Benjamin Dobson Sep 26 '09 at 13:35

Soundcrank sounds like it does that. It's a plugin for iTunes.

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Try using MediaMonkey. When you download the album artwork, save the artwork to the file. That way, iTunes will pick it up.

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For Mac users, I found Clutter to work really well, although that was a few years back.

I prefer doing things manually, and have found that the site Album Art Exchange to be the best site for great-looking (and expansive selection of) covers.

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Seems like a good candidate

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