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Possible Duplicate:
Windows 7 boots only with installation disk in the drive

This was a fresh install to begin with over 2 years ago. Got a newer SSD and tried to clone to it but had a problem and had to back it out using minitool partition wizard I think.

Since then the system will not boot unless I have the Windows 7 DVD loaded. All it does is go out and hit it and then it continues normally to boot from hard drive. I checked the BCD and the boot manager is pointing to the correct drive.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? If I ever lose my dvd drive (which I did, but had an usb external one for backup), I won't be able to boot. I don't want to wipe my install out and start again.

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The only thing I can think of is that the boot loader isn't configured properly. Though you said you checked BCD and it's pointing to the correct drive...

As a sanity check, try downloading EasyBCD (make sure it's the free version) and using that tool to ensure that the boot loader is set up properly? It's a GUI interface to bcdedit.exe and is very easy to use.

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