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Possible Duplicate:
Laptop: replace optical drive with an SSD or other hard disk. Is it possible?

My searching skills are eluding me. For my laptop, if I want to remove my CDROM drive and physically put another hdd there, what is that hardware called? I searched for a hdd CDROM bay adapter but I didn't get anything.

Can anybody point me to what I'm after? Also, is this laptop make/model generic hardware?

Thanks in advance!

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Many laptops have removable CDROM drives and there are several firms making caddies which fit in the CDROM slot but contain a standard 2½ inch drive.

However laptop form factors are not standardised. You will need one specifically for your model of laptop. And that is assuming your model has a removable optical bay.

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NewModeUS produces a caddy which will allow you to put a hard drive into your cdrom slot. They also have a guide to installing a new hard drive.

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Duct tape.

Most hard drives have on the label a warning indicating not to cover a specific hole. Obey that warning.

enter image description here

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