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With current Firefox and since 2005 exists an issue for some with finding text in a page.

If you are searching for text in a page and reach the bottom the search will wrap to the top. This in itself is not a problem, but a combination of design decisions has created a problem for some users.

  • Search will wrap upon reaching bottom of page
  • No popup/dialogue is show to notify the user
  • No sound is played to notify the user
  • The Reached end of page, continued from top message only displays until Next is pressed

This combination of decisions forces users to check the toolbar after each search to make sure not to enter an "endless search". What setting/Add-on could be used to fix this problem?

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The Noise add-on can fix this problem.

Make sound responses while events happen.

It will play a platform-dependent beep when Findbar wraps.

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A great solution would be asking the user whether to continue searching on wrap (like the Okular PDF viewer) or pausing for some milliseconds before proceeding. I did not spent too much time on figuring that out, so I made a workaround.

The issue is visibility. Some versions earlier (before Firefox 26), Mozilla decided to make the search bar text brighter (at least on Linux). This makes it almost impossible to notice wraps because there is no audio feedback or anything.

The workaround is make the status text more visible:


To get this effect, you have to create a chrome/userChrome.css file in your profile folder. Append the following rules to the chrome/userChrome.css text file:

 * Makes wrapped content more visible.
.findbar-container .find-status-icon[status="wrapped"] {
    display: none;
.findbar-container .find-status-icon[status="wrapped"]
    ~ [anonid="find-status"].findbar-find-status {
    font-weight: bold;
    background: #FFA6C9;
    color: blue !important;

The URLs in the comments are for reference, just in case something breaks after an update and the rules need to be updated.

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Still works in Firefox 46.0.1. – Lekensteyn May 20 at 9:39

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