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  • Asus F8Sv Laptop (Windows 7 ultimate, GeForce 8600m GT, display driver is 301.42, detected and downloaded from, VGA and DVI output interface)
  • Gateway 23 inches LCD monitor (VGA, DVI-D with HDCP, and HDMI input)
  • 18 pins DVI cable, VGA cable, both new.


When connect laptop to monitor by VGA, resolution is automatically adapted to 1920*1080; but when using DVI connection, resolution on monitor is fixed to 1024*768, which is lower than my laptop default 1280*800. The maximum resolution in windows control panel is only 1024*768, while the Nvidia control panel provides options 1920*1080p and 1920*1080i, but clicking apply button does not work, the resolution just can not change.

Possibly reason I guess:

GeForce 8600m GT does not support 1920*1080 resolution through DVI outputs.

Can anyone confirm it or give the real reason?


Problem solved by buying a HDMI to DVI-D adapter. Using this adapter and a HDMI cable, I can now enjoy 1080p movie.

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The reference 8800M design appears to be able to output up to 2560x1600 via DVI, and has an integrated 1080p HDTV encoder. Make sure you have the latest possible drivers. – Breakthrough Sep 9 '12 at 19:40

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