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I want Google search results to default with a publish date. I'm trying to change the Google search plugin, but I'd be just as happy using a 3rd-party tool that does this.

So I'm using Firefox 15.0.1 and I've tried changing {install dir}/searchplugins/google.xml, but Firefox is just ignoring these changes.

For example, I'm adding the below in 3 places in google.xml, but nothing is happening:

<Param name="cdr" value="cdr:1,cd_min:01/01/1900,cd_"/>
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Firefox doesn't read these files every time, it caches their content in the search.json file in your Firefox profile. The simplest way to make Firefox re-read your google.xml is to remove search.json, it will simply be created again with the new data on next Firefox start.

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May be the most simple way is to use the Organize Search Engine Firefox extension.

Select Properties to edit the search engine properties...

enter image description here

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