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I've read the instructions at and added SREP to my arc.ini but I can't find SREP in the gui? How can I compress my files with SREP? I've also downloaded the archive for SREP but I can't find any information where to put the files?

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You should install latest (Feb 2012) freearc and replace arc.ini with the attached one. then use freearc GUI and select max. compression mode and enable checkboxes for srep/precomp compression. first line in the dialog will show you cmdlne options that you need. decompression may be performed by unarc.exe and require arc.ini and srep/precomp executables. it was about using precomp/srep inside arc archives

You can also use them "outside" i.e. archive files w/o compression (tar/7z -mx0/arc -m0 -dm0), then process this archive with precomp and/or srep and then compress output with 7z -mx/arc -mx

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