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When I try to highlight a couple of files it doesn't work when I only use Mousekeys. When I use the right-click button and try to highlight with the arrow keys of the mumberpad nothing do I highlight files in Explorer using only Mousekeys?

Win 7 Pro.

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Are you meaning to drag them or just highlight text? – user142485 Sep 10 '12 at 21:41

If you are trying to highlight or select by dragging: Press 0, then move the cursor selecting the desired area and press . to stop.

If you are trying to select multiple files: Use 5 to click on a file, then hold Ctrl and press 5 to select additional files. Or to select all files in order: click the first file, hold Shift and click the last file to select all files in between and inclusive of the clicked files (same as with using the normal mouse).

Windows documentation on using Mouse Keys

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