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Due to memory problems I closed Firefox whilst the Group My Tabs (Ctrl+Shift+E) feature was displaying the multiple tab groups. After 20 minutes the process still hadn't finished so killall firefoxed it.

When I restart Firefox, there is a Javascript process called tabview.js that hangs unless I click Stop at the warning screen. If I do hit Stop then I can no longer open the tabview, so I can't get to any of the tabs except in the subgroup I was last looking at.

Any suggestions?

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This doesn't make the Group My Tabs come back, but if you can remember some of the details of a tab in another subgroup, you can access that subgroup with Ctrl+t, then typing enough of a prompt in the location bar (url bar Ctrl+L) to get Firefox to display the "Switch to open tab" option. For example if you have Facts on the Distribution of Earnings, Income, and Wealth in the United States [PDF] open in another subgroup, then open a new tab and type Minneapolis and it should show the option to switch to that pdf tab, even if it's hidden by the lack of Ctrl+Shift+E.

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