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I have this problem. I was experimenting if I could use a memory card (SDHC) as an USB drive for all intents and purposes, and when I put the card in an USB card reader, I can use it just like a regular USB stick, and it also shows up in the BBS popup menu as an USB stick. When I tried to create an installation media out of it like this:

sudo dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdb

And tried to boot from it, simply nothing happened. Cursor blinked a couple of times, and jumped to the GRUB of my pre-existing GNU/Linux installation. What am I missing here? Is this not doable?

I tried this with Xubuntu 12.04 and Arch Linux, by the way. I have also tried UNetBootIn instead of dd. Nothing happened differently.

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I believe it is related to the BIOS of your PC, if the BIOS supports a driver for your card reader then it will load data from it and boot, otherwise it will load nothing from it..

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