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I've installed a module for a thecus N5500 NAS that allows me to run svn and websvn directly on the nas.

The path to the repository on the NAS is /raid/data/svnrepo and I've copied the files from my old repository (Mac 10.6.8 Apache svn) to that location. When I launch websvn at https://nas.ip/modules/Subversion/www/listing.php?repname=Standardrepository everything appears to be working.

However, I cannot seem to work out what the URL to connect from my client should be. I've tried http://nas.ip/svn and svn+ssh://sshuser@nas.ip/raid/data/svnrepo and various other combinations.

Frustratingly, there's been no response to a post to the module's author about this, so I can only assume the answer must be obvious.

Can anyone provide some insight?

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The server is started with -r /raid/data/svnrepo, so all URLs will be interpreted as being relative to that directory.

Just svn://nas.ip/ should give you access. Default user/password is svn/svn unless you have a custom passwd file.

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You are awesome! Thanks so much! – Jack Sep 12 '12 at 8:41

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