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I have a problem with bluetooth speakers Creative D200 on MacBook Pro running Windows 7.

This question appends on: Broadcom bluetooth driver for Windows 7 on MacBook Pro

Do You have any solution for MacBook Pro 2011 (8.1)? There is Apple Broadcom driver in bootcamp, but I cannot find native name of the bluetooth device (to find driver for another notebook like acer or hp.

I used sound driver from the driver package in thread Broadcom bluetooth driver for Windows 7 on MacBook Pro - it connected and installed driver bluetooth AV device and bluetooth remote control, but it doesnt play anything via d200, I cannot find it in Sound properties in control panel. In bluetooth setting is speaker icon, but after right clicking it - there is only properties, make a shortcut, remove and help (there should be probably also something like connect)...

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This solved my problem:

How do I install a Toshiba stack?

This worked on my Mackbook air mid - 2011Windows 7 x64. Be aware that you will loose the "magic scrolling" in case you are using a bluetooth magic mouse. Otherwise all bluetooth devices have been working as a chram with the Toshiba stack.

To make it work, follow this steps:

But instead of downloading the toshiba stack in the above link, download the x64 stack you will find in the link bellow:

once you have "tricked" the stacks restart and run the Toshiba assistant


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