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I'm looking to record some data about cursor movements that will be correlated with other sensor data collected by another system. I hope to learn something about the relationship of the physical motions of a computer mouse and the cursor motion when used by the average user.

I have software to record the physical mouse that records the sensor data in a CSV file at a fairly short time interval (on the order of 100hz). What I need is a piece of software that can record similar data about the cursor position on the computer screen vs time intervals (faster than 30Hz sampling preferred)).

Any suggestions? Windows solutions preferred, but Linux/Unix solutions are acceptable. Must be able to export tracking data in an easy to work with format like CSV.

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In visual studio you can create an app that does this with a high degree of accuracy:

#import System.Windows.Forms
Dim LocalMousePosition as Point

LocalMousePosition = myControl.PointToClient(Cursor.Position)
Debug.WriteLine("X = " & LocalMousePosition.X & ", Y = " & LocalMousePosition.Y)

You can use the System.Diagnostics.StopWatch to report the time. You can check the stopwatch's accuracy my looking at Stopwatch.frequency.

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