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For the last couple years I have had my Mac set up to connect to my Windows 7 account via my home network. I access my PC drives from my mac and vice versa. Up until August I used Snow Leopard.

I updated my Mac to Mountain Lion in August and ever since it will no longer connect to my Windows 7 user account without a passwrod. I DO NOT USE A PASSWORD ON MY WINDOWS 7 DEFAULT ACCOUNT. I don't want a password. It's just me, my wife and my infant son. I have no reason to add a password to my account. I don't want to have to enter a darn password every time I start my PC.

My mac will still sign in as a Guest to my PC without a password but not to my primary account.

I followed the steps in this thread to make sure it isn't my PC limiting things:

Remote desktop without a password

However, it doesn't matter how I set the 'limit local account use of blank passwords' group policy. Either way (enabled or disabled) the mac won't login to my PC account with a blank password.

THIS DEFINITELY CHANGED as a result of upgrading from Snow leopard to Mountain Lion.

Is there any setting I can change on my Mac or PC to allow my Mac to connect to my PC account without having to enter a password as it has always been?



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