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I'm having a problem connecting my Toshiba Satellite L675 laptop to my Samsung HD TV. I've done it before using an HDMI cord but now, for some odd reason, it's not connecting at all.

My computer screen before would go completely black for a second & then come back & (with it being attached to the TV with the HDMI cord & it being on the proper channel) it would make a sound, come on & work beautifully. Now, I try hooking it up & it doesn't do anything. No black screen, no sound. The TV screen just says there's no connection & that I need to check out the power source.

I'm still checking around, trying to find out if there's a virus in my computer (since my dad & I have the same computer & he can connect his to the TV with no problems), or if I deleted something that had to do with the connection. I've tried turning my computer off & letting it sit for a while, I've tried checking out other websites & have come up with nothing.

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What happens (when it's plugged in) when you press the display switch ? google.co.uk/… –  Dave Sep 12 '12 at 8:22

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