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Where 'new document' has Ctrl+N to start a new document, is there a keyboard shortcut that will present me with the templates windows to select a template to create a new document with? A search for answers here and elsewhere online hasn't yielded anything useful yet.

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Do you mean to say you want the following File/New dialog to show up on pressing a keyboard shortcut?

Word 2010's File/New dialog

That's quite easy to do! Most people don't know that keyboard shortcuts can be customized in Office apps as per user preferences. For example, I didn't like how Word 2010 popped up the Navigation Pane (Pain?) when I pressed Ctrl+F, instead of the simple Find and Replace dialog that older versions did, so I simply remapped the shortcut to the older dialog and now all's fine with the wor(l)d! :)

  1. Go to File / Options (indented under Help) / Customize Ribbon
  2. Press the Keyboard shortcuts: Customize button shown below:

    Word 2010's keyboard shortcut customization #1

  3. Select All Commands under Categories and FileNew under Commands
  4. Navigate to/click in the Press new shortcut key field and press your desired shortcut (I have pressed Alt+` (backquote/tilde key) in the screenshot below:

    Word 2010's keyboard shortcut customization #2

  5. Click Assign (the shortcut key will move to the Current keys area)

  6. Finally, click Close and OK in the Word Options dialog

    Word 2010's keyboard shortcut customization #3

  7. You're done! Press Alt+` and watch the magic unfold! :D

Note #1: If you go through the default mapped shortcuts, you'll see that it's very much possible to assign multiple keyboard shortcuts to the same command.

Note #2: To duplicate the Find dialog fix I mentioned above, simply assign the Ctrl+F shortcut key to EditFind instead of the default NavPaneSearch, or you can assign a different shortcut to the former if you prefer quick access to both old and new Find dialogs.

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That'll do nicely, thanks! – James Sep 12 '12 at 21:19

Ye, by using a macro (or many depending on how many templates you need to access).

Documents.Add Template:="NameOfYourTemplate"

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This is a great answer. Can you add instructions how to use this with a keyboard shortcut? – CharlieRB Sep 12 '12 at 15:23

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