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I currently have a steering wheel connected to my htpc, running Windows 8. Since it doesn't work with (or get recognized by) all the games I play, I use xpadder.

As far as I understand, it simply presses the associated arrow key when I turn the wheel.

What I would like is a software to simulate more frequent key presses of the arrow keys the more I turn the wheel.


Tilting a little -> 100 presses / second

Tilting more -> 200 presses / second

Tilting max -> Hold down key

Right now what i currently have to do with the wheel is constantly shaking it a bit right when I just want to turn a little bit right, and so on.

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Please read my question. This is a question of SOFTWARE. –  David Jensen Sep 12 '12 at 15:56
I seriously cant believe this got closed. –  David Jensen Sep 13 '12 at 21:10