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Possible Duplicate:
Is it possible to run a Mac OS X installation on a virtual machine?

Is there a way I could run a mac client within a MS Virtual machine or VM Ware? I know you can run windows on a MAC. I am interested in doing MAC QA testing as well as iPhone development on a PC.


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It breaks the license agreement and nullifies any iPhone developer membership, but you can Google it if you want.

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This is a question for :), and as a matter of fact a similar question (well, a bit similar) was answered here: (just found out, by copy-pasting your question there)

Edit: Found an even better response here:

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Standard disclaimers apply as to breaking the EULA, and developer agreement. That said, another option to consider is just throwing together a machine based on HCLs listed at and One can be built for $400 or less, or get an MSI Wind U100 for which CD images can be downloaded (be sure to buy a retail copy of Mac OS, though).

I say this based on experience with trying to get a VM up and running under VMWare. In the "time vs. money" debate, actual hardware won out. Once I did get a VM working, the list of "X doesn't work" or "Y works with fiddling" was too long for my tastes. In contrast, getting a known-good machine build was either much less work or (in the case of the MSI) nearly plug-and-play.

With all of that said, I finally bought a Macbook Pro and a Mac Mini. The two hackintoshs in the house work fine and still get used daily (the MSI makes a sweet baby Mac). But for pro work, I'm better spending my time doing paying work rather than hacking configuration files.

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My experience says you don't want to try it. A Mac Mini, even the cheapest, is much faster than Mac OS on a VM.

I've seen a lot of people try. They end up miserable and go ahead and buy the cheap Mac.

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Technically possible: Yes, but the hardware must be relatively new. Don't think you're going to install it on that old dual CPU P4 you've got running Linux in your basement. There are VMs out there that make this possible. I don't believe you can install OS X on non-Apple bare metal, unless it's one of those knock-off Macs.

As was previously noted: This is illegal.

A better solution: Sell your PCs and get a Mac and run (properly licensed) Windows in a VM (Fusion is good) on it. I'm running a MBP with 4GB RAM and a 2.something Intel CPU (year old) - Fusion running Windows 2003 (SQL2005) and XP (IIS+VS2008) - no crashing (Really! More stable than a native install!) and the Mac can play a movie in the background just fine.

That is... when I develop in the Windows environment. I hardly ever have to go there anymore.

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I've got 10.5.2 running on a VM but it's not an ideal setup

I'd say try and build a hackintosh or go for the real thing. I understand your pain though, Mac's are terribly expensive considering the hardware you get but on the flipside it's a lot less hassle.

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