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Is there a way to insert a range of numbers in Sublime Text 2? I have been unable to find a command or plugin, and I have to insert sequences like this semi-frequently. I'm looking for something akin to :put =range(11,15) in Vim, which would print

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The Text Pastry package support the syntax from 'Insert Nums', but adds extra features, such as inserting a sequence of words and presets for 1-indexed and 0-indexed number generators.

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Also works in sublime text 3 – Michael Irey May 29 '14 at 17:29
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I found a package (in the package manager) called "Insert Nums." Select all the regions into which you wish to place numbers, run the command (CTRL-OPT-n on my Mac CTRL-Alt-n for Win/*NIX) and you'll be able to insert numbers. The package allows you to specify the start, step, and number padding.

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