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I just purchased an MSI 970A-G46 to use with an AMD FX processor I already had. I also got 8GB of DDR3 RAM to go with it, and a 120GB SSD. I hooked it all up, and put in the graphics card from my old, fried PC. When I turn it on, there's no POST beeps; there's no beeps at all. If I pull out both sticks of RAM, there are two beeps, which is what I expected to happen. However, if I only put in one stick of RAM, it still beeps twice. I tried with both sticks of RAM alone, and got the same result. Is there some sort of 8GB-minimum or something? This is confusing me. Also, when I have both sticks of RAM it sometimes beeps twice when it's turning off. Is this a different error? Unfortunately, the manual doesn't seem to have a list of beep codes. The online version is BIOS dependent, and I can't seem to find out what BIOS is on my mobo.

I've reset the CMOS, but it didn't change the results. On the box it says the BIOS is AMD FX compatible, and I'd like to think they didn't lie (as I've read older versions of the mobo don't come with that BIOS version).

Is my graphics card causing problems? From what I understand, theres no integrated graphics on the mobo, so I have no way to test this. Everything is brand new except the PSU, which worked before, and the graphics card, which also worked before.

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If you remove the video adapter, do you get a different set of POST beeps (i.e., "no video adapter installed" per the manual?) – Aaron Miller May 2 '13 at 18:53

usually you can use 1 stick of memory at a time to test. you may be stuck getting a lcheepo vid card just to rule out that. even a pci video card would work. It could be that the pcie slot for the video card is bad if you have another even if it is 4x in 16 you could use it to test and verify that its not slot related. I would suspect its a junk systemboard. I recently bought a msi board mid line and it didnt even beep for me, went through 2 of them with the same issue before getting fedup and got a different brand of board with built in diags.

you may want to see about getting a post code reader card they are usually less then 25$.

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Will a broken video card cause it to not post? I've had problems with MSi, but I couldn't seem to find an in-stock board that supported the hardware I already had... – smoth190 Sep 12 '12 at 23:45
many things can cause the no boot situation. unfortunatly with as pathetic if existant the post beeps are in msi you will probably spend the least by getting a post card that will have a newmeric readout and a code book that tells you exactly what the pc is doing. If you happen to have spare parts or can borrow things like a cruddy old video card its a way to get around not having a post code reader. in my case i have about 10 carcases that i can steal parts from to test. as long as slot1 on your system board isnt dead memory can be tested to. – Kendrick Sep 13 '12 at 1:57
try 1 stick in slot 1 if it doesnt boot try stick2 and see if its any different. if not its probably not the memory. it may also be possible to test in a known good system as well. cpu you will be hard pressed to test unless you have another system around to swap with. I am not the type to swap cpu's though they have to many pins that are easily bent. It all ends up in if msi decideds to play games when you try to rma it. If you cant say it is .. causing the problem its not unusual for you to get the run around from support. – Kendrick Sep 13 '12 at 2:21

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