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we purchased a video wall installation (4x LG 47WV30B) connected to a Intel MacPro with 2x ATI 5770. Everything works fine, but we are not totally happy. We display a custom dashboard of our application, written in house and running in a browser. We want the browser to go fullscreen, with no title or tool bar whatsoever, and span the 4 screens completely. Lion (and Mountain Lion) fullscreen is only using 1 out of 4 screens, we can hide the bars (Safari, Chrome and Mozilla have shortcuts) and the system's Menu bar and dock with this, but we still have the tiny window title bar with the 3 buttons on the left. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying that I can't achieve what I want. I did some testing on Fedora and Windows7, and I can't find anything that will send ANY browser in spanning full screen with no bars/docks. Any suggestion is highly appreciated, thanks

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Uhm I might get by with Linux, launching a browser with geometry parameter: /usr/local/bin/opera-11.01 -geometry 1600x3200-0+100 %U and then killing the Window Manager (it's kinda ugly). Based on… – bongo Sep 12 '12 at 22:58

The video cards you have support eyefinity.

That means they can treat several monitors as one single big screen. You could then 'full screen' your browser on this single huge screen.

This works under windows. According to this is also supported from OS/X Lion onward.

What I did not find out if how this works with multiple cards. A reference AMD 5770 has 4 or 6 connectors. The 4 connector one supports up to 3 displays (2xDVI plus one DP or one HDMI). or 6 displays (6x mini display port).

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Unfortunately, I think those cards are not eyefinity. They have 1xDVI and 2xMiniDP on board. – bongo Sep 13 '12 at 6:24
The eyefinity support in hardware does not depend on that specific number and typos of ports. As far as I know all 5770's can do it, and many do not follow the reference design. However Mac specific boards sometimes have a different BIOS on the GPU. Still, you should be able to check this in the manual of the card. – Hennes Sep 13 '12 at 6:29

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