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I have pre-installed on my computer a copy of FreeDOS.

I looked through the help, but did not found any commands for rebooting the computer.

Also, searching through Google yielded some not so useful commands. (By this I mean not existing) .

It the 0.27 version, I think.

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fdapm [Options]


WARMboot Do a reboot without BIOS tests (POST). Usually safe but can crash if you use incompatible protected mode software, like some versions of EMM386. Flushes the disk caches before rebooting. COLDboot Do a reboot with BIOS tests (POST) (after flushing the disk caches) by telling the 8042 keyboard controller to pulse the hardware reset circuits. Very similar to a real cold reboot - only in rare cases, pressing the reset button or power-cycling the computer will give you a "colder" reset.

fdapm coldboot

Fdapm instructions

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fdapm coldboot UPDATED – Vladislav Il'ushin Sep 11 '12 at 22:48

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