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I'm trying to print a document from a remote WinXP machine to a network printer I use on a local Win7 machine using Remote Desktop. The network printer does not appear in the list of those available on the WinXP box.

In more detail, the local machine runs Windows 7 (no admin rights) and connects to a network printer managed by a print server (i.e. not using a local TCP/IP Port). I have access to a Windows XP host on a separate network which I access using Remote Desktop. I would like to have print requests from the remote XP box forwarded to the network printer I use on the Windows 7 machine. The XP machine cannot access the print server I use on the Win7 machine nor can it create a TCP/IP port to connect directly to the printer (network configuration issues).

After consulting KB312135 I confirmed the "Printers" option was selected in the Remote Desktop Client, Local Resources Tab, yet the network printer does not appear on the list of available printers on the XP box.

Is this a lost cause or is there something else I haven't managed to locate yet?

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Couple things that could be preventing this:

  • Check the Event Viewer on the target XP machine and look for printer failures. Often you will need the driver for the printer installed on the XP machine before it will work.

  • Check to ensure the Target WinXP machine, and the user you're using to log into it, don't have any domain policies applied to them. The admin of that network may have set them to not allow local printer redirection for RDP sessions.

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