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I'm looking to create a "blacklist" of IP addresses that Wireshark will ignore.

I'm monitoring traffic originating on an iPhone, and there's a lot of chatter from Apple, Google Services, etc. I never really care about this traffic, so it would be nice to have it always filtered out. Is there a way to easily filter out a large number of IP addresses?

The most ideal solution would be from a file using subnet notation, like

My current solution is to use a big nasty capture filter:

host and not net and not net ...
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I believe you want to modify the display filters:

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Try this section from this page:

Filter by a protocol ( e.g. SIP ) and filter out unwanted IPs:

ip.src != && ip.dst != && sip

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Thanks, but it's mostly TCP and HTTP traffic from the addresses I want to filter, and my current list has 23 addresses. I'd rather avoid using the display filter since I use it often, and don't want to have to constantly prepend a big long string of IPs to filter. – Dean Sep 14 '12 at 2:43

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