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Coming from windows, there is a fantastic search tool, called find everything, found here: Which can instantly search all files on your hard drives via name. It does not search file contents. It is extremely fast and only takes a minute to scan my almost foll 500gb hard drive. I can also use any regex to search.

I'm wondering if there is an equivalent tool for linux (I am using ubuntu in particular). I am awayre I can use the command find in the terminal, but this makes things easier as I can interact with the search results, open the files directly, or get a context menu when right clicking, just as if I was in the explorer.

So is there a close equivalent tool in linux? Or something close.

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gnome search tool appears to support regex searches.

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This seems to be the best option currently, that I can find. I hate to say it sucks, i figured there would be a more powerful regex based file search tool. alas since im still using this, i am marking as the answer. Though this would be a good excuse to build my node.js chops and try to make something better :) – skift Sep 19 '12 at 23:34

I use kfind default software for KDE to search files. Or if i need advanced options use recoll.

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