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I am on a mac and I previously installed and JENKINS_HOME=/user/myusername/Jenkins but now I did a fresh install. the plist for for jenkins is /User/Shared/Jenkins/Home and yet the app is looking for the war expaned at old JENKINS_HOME /user/myusername/Jenkins which is not what I want. How to i reset the JENKINS_HOME. I mean the plist already tells it not to go there but it does anyway. Frankly in general I do not know where to go to reset environment variables like this. When I echo the environment variable I don't see it pointing to anything. But when I try to startup jenkins it uses this old value.

Basically the error I am getting is that it cant find manifest in /users/myuser/Jenkins/war/Manifest.xml etc

And it says just before JENKINS_HOME="/user/myuser/jenkins yet the plist says otherwise. perhaps I also need to pass this in as an argument?

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What do you mean by fresh install? And what is the plist? I don't know Jenkins, but knowing that would help. – slhck Sep 14 '12 at 5:50

You can define JENKINS_HOME virtually everywhere. That makes it a bit hard.

But the best guess I can make is the following: As you deploy the WAR-file I assume that you are using apaches tomcat or something equivalentas servlet-engine. Therefore I would have a look into the config-files for the tomcat. In my installation I have a file called in tomcats bin-folder where I defined the JENKINS_HOME.

The last way to find it would be a brute-force method by using a Terminal and running grep -R JENKINS_HOME / which will search for the term JENKINS_HOME in EVERY file on the machine.

BE warned!! This might take some time!!

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