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I have VMware on my Mac Mini. And I have two Guest OS' running, one is Ubuntu 12.04 and the other is Windows 8 Pro (Bizspark Edition).

I know I can drag drop files from Guest OS to the Host OS' desktop.

My question is, is there a workaround or a hack script to drag drop files from the Guest OS to the other Guest OS? Can we use any third party apps to achieve this?

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Was looking for a fix to this from sometime now, and this is fix is very low on VMware's priority list at the moment. VirtualBox is far far away from this! – aliasgar Sep 14 '12 at 10:45

While not particularly sophisticated, one thing you could do is set up a link to a shared folder with the Host OS on the desktops of both virtual OSes. (That is, a symlink to a folder on a shared drive with both of the Virtual OSes from the Host OS.)

Do keep in mind that the files won't be on the actual .vdi though - they'll still be on the hard drive of the host.

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Setting up a shared folder on the host computer could work, but you could also try using Dropbox on the two guest VMs. Until this is supported in VMWare tools you will have to use one of these methods.

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