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I'm setting up an IRC server using IRC-Hybrid, I want my server to connect to another server, so that people on my server can connect to channels on that other server. I know this can be done, the GIMP IRC, is the same as the GNOME IRC

My ircd.conf contains the following:

connect { 
        name = "aabstractname";
        host = ";
        send_password = "somepass";
        accept_password = "somepass";
        encrypted = no;
        port = 6667;
        class = "server";
        autoconn = yes;
        compressed = yes;
        fakename = "";

So when i run: /etc/init.d/ircd-hybrid restart it should be connecting to, but the log on, doesn't show anything

Do I need entry on the host I can't find any documentation for ircd.conf I'ld really like that documentation so I can check all my settings are right.

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You need an entry on both sides. Also, I'm pretty sure a server name must have a dot in it, otherwise the protocol breaks horribly. – David Schwartz Sep 14 '12 at 16:13
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Both sides need a connect block for the other server.

The connect → name setting must be the same as the other server's serverinfo → name; the same for send_password and accept_password. The reverse should be on the other server

Note: You don't need to restart the entire server for this. If you are an operator, use /quote rehash to reload the configuration file, then /quote connect aabstractname to link the servers.

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