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This question is about the SOS version control system:

I have a file that always updates back to revision 1. For instance, to check out the latest revision I have to specifically ask for that revision. I have checked in several revisions up to revision 5. However, everytime I do an SOS update, it reloads revision 1.

How can I request that the file updates to the latest revision rather than an older one?

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Just a guess, but is the file part of a composite object? – allquixotic Sep 25 '12 at 14:47
Not sure what that means, but I'll post the answer. – mattgately Sep 29 '12 at 18:00
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I talked with a tech support rep on the phone and this is what we found out:

I was working with a file in repo A. The file in question had a tag, *tag_x* on revision 1. Furthermore, the file was included as a "reference" file from another repository, repo B. In the revision search order (RSO) for repo A, it was set to load files tagged with *tag_x* before the main revision when they were referenced from repo B, which is why it kept updating to revision 1 instead of the latest revision.

Pretty complicated, but found out the problem and was able to fix temporarily by updating the tag, though a permanent fix would be to remove the line from the RSO.

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