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I want input ++-- in cell excel but error

enter image description here

How to input the ++-- or ---- as shown above.


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Just precede it with a quote character:


This forces Excel to treat it a text rather than numeric entry, and it's the numeric entry that causes the problem since it expectes a digit somewhere in there.

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There are several ways to make excel treat your input as a text rather than a formula.

  • Change the cells format to text before entering: ++--
  • Enter a character that identifies your input as a text: '++--
  • Input a Formula that outputs a text to the cell: ="++--"

all three approaches work equally well.

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  1. Select the cells you want the input to be placed
  2. Right click-->Format cells
  3. In the first tab (Number), select the Category to be Text
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Thanks, i have done. – Nhu Nguyen Aug 7 '12 at 8:54

Start the cell with a ' character.

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