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I use the K-lite mega codec pack. I guess AMD's are the same as k-lite, but I'm truly really unsure. Should I install it together with K-lite? Sincerely, I don't know what is it.

I have searched at, and it doesn't come with anything. I have googled around and there's just possibly one or two direct answers about it, but they are vague enough to not consider them.

Bonus: There's another option in their setup, AMD drag and drop transcoding. How do I use this, is it worth it?

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UPDATE: AMD removed this feature from their latest CCC setup (at the time of this update)

Original answer:

I have asked and read answers on many multimedia forums, including AMD.

For what I have understood, these allow applications to be able to use the video card's hardware acceleration when decoding and encoding.

Also, it seems that programs that use the Windows Media Foundation, like Windows Media Player would be able to benefit from the hardware acceleration.

About transcoding, Windows has the feature to convert incompatible files when dragging and dropping them to a portable player that is able to use this feature. It seems this helps, again, to use the video card's hardware acceleration.

According to the Administrator at (the official home of the k-lite code pack) these don't affect in any way other codec packs.

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