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I've finished typing a document in Word and when I printed it I realized that the furigana is way too small for easy reading.

Is there a way to globally change the size of all furigana for a complete document or a section? The only way I can do it so far is to change one by one!

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There is no straight way of adjusting the size of all the furiganas in a document. But there is a way.

Let's say you have the following text with furigana.


Press Option+F9, or go into Preferences > View and check the Show > "Field code" box. Then you'll see the text transformed to:

{ eq * jc2 * "Font:MS 明朝" * hps12 \o\ad(\s\up 11(かんじ),漢字)}のふりがなを{ eq * jc2 * "Font:MS 明朝" * hps12 \o\ad(\s\up 11(ちょうせい),調整)}します。

This is how Word stores markup information for each furigana. What we're interested in is the hps12 bit: it specifies the size of the furigana. If you replace it with hps20:

{ eq * jc2 * "Font:MS 明朝" * hps20 \o\ad(\s\up 11(かんじ),漢字)}のふりがなを{ eq * jc2 * "Font:MS 明朝" * hps20 \o\ad(\s\up 11(ちょうせい),調整)}します。

and press Option+F9 again:


the size of the furigana should be adjusted. As far as I've experimented, hps12 corresponds to a font size of 6pt, and hps20 to 10pt.

Note: on Windows, the shortcut for toggling field code is Alt+F9.

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This works perfectly, thanks! I can't believe that MS didn't think of adding this feature. – Julian Sep 15 '12 at 16:57

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